Yukio Nishida , President of Seibukai

Yukio Nishida

Shihan NIshida become the chairman of International Karate Organization (IKO2) after Mas Oyama , the founder of Kyokushin Karate , passed away.

Yukio Nishida

In December of 1999 , he started his own organization , International Budo Organization Kyokushin Karate Seibukai. He established his original training system of karate for life-long martial arts by incorporating traditional karate style , Chinese Kung fu , and jyu-jitsu. Currently , he organizes Junior All Japan , Women's All Japan , Masters All japan and Weight categories All Japan Tournament. He accepts karate exchange students . He also conducts international karate seminers both domestically and internationally. Shihan Nishida continues to move forward to spread the techniques and the philosophy of Seibukai Karate.


You can learn not only kyokushin karate but traditional karate,ancient japanise martial arts, the technique of weapons,chinese martial arts,and more. If you have any interest please contact us.

Seibukai headquarters

3-18 Takahamadai HIratska Kanagawa ,Japan 254-0805


  • The 21th All JapanChampionship Weight Division Karate Tournament

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